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Wishing to contact R.G. Keen.

1/11/2001 12:12 AM
Mark Abbott
Wishing to contact R.G. Keen.
Dear R.G.  
I have placed an order with you three months ago. I haven't been to Ampage in the last month, so please excuse me if you've already made mention of this issue.  
Its a simple question, I've been waiting three months to received the p.c.b.'s I've ordered from you, when should I expect to receive the p.c.b.'s?  
I have inquired about the cheque, and I am aware that you haven't cashed it. My credit union has informed me that if I choose to cancel the cheque it shall cost me $27.  
So as you can understand that is not a path I wish to go down, also as far as I know the cheque I sent you is still valid.  
Could you please email me and advise me?  
Yours Sincerely  
Mark Abbott.

R.G. on the road Email coming.... -- 1/11/2001 1:10 AM