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Re:WHICH cranked-up tube amp?

1/10/2001 9:36 PM
Frank Clarke
Re:WHICH cranked-up tube amp?
Overdrive pedals are designed to work with tube amps, so be sure it sounds right with your Fender amp before parting with cash. The Marshall pedals are work looking at.  
With a solid state amp, an amp simulator pedal is might be better than an overdrive pedal. A previously used Tech 21 Sansamp pedal migh be cost effective if it was a lot less than buying a tube amp. The GT-2 model does do a decent AC/DC impersonation, but it's overpriced and noisy.  
Elektar tube amps are cheaper than most overdrive pedals, and there are "Baby Marshall" DIY conversion plans on the net for this amp.

David Roth "Overdrive pedals are designed to w... -- 1/11/2001 3:01 AM