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Re: What is a ground loop?

12/14/2000 4:14 AM
Don Symes
Re: What is a ground loop?
The short answer is: lift the ground connection on one of the outputs.  
A ground loop is the case where two circuits are using different local ground reference points and those two local grounds are at different voltages (or have a significant [ significance is determined by current ] resistance between them).  
The following assumes that BOTH amps have solid ground connections to their repective chassis and are usign properly wired 3-prong power cords.  
If plugging both amps into one outlet box doesn't stop the hum, try reversing the AC leads (black <-> white) on ONE amp.  
Use caution and smarts doing this - don't be ashamed to ask for help or employ a professional.  

Morgan well i haven't experianced this, bu... -- 12/14/2000 11:42 PM