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Old vs. New Dyna-Comp

12/11/2000 1:48 PM
Old vs. New Dyna-Comp
Is there a circuit or parts quality difference between the first Dyna-Comps and the later ones? I know that the ones without the block lettering (the early 'script writing' ones) usually sell for more and are thought to be more desireable for some reason or another. Are they really different inside (electronically or sonically)? I've never really thought that guitarists had that great of a discernability for the nuances of font aesthetics. Some seem much heavier in weight than others; is that any indication of anything measurable inside the device (besides weight)? Is it possible to turn a newer Dyna-Comp into an older styled one? Thanks in adv. for your always knowledgeable comments.  

Floydfan I made the mistake of getting a Scr... -- 12/13/2000 1:29 AM