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DYNA COMP: What's the trimmer for?

12/2/2000 9:47 PM
BIG Dave
DYNA COMP: What's the trimmer for?
I just received a bare NOS Dyna Comp board from Robert Shumway (his address can be found on Aron Nelson's site). The schematic that came with it shows a 2k trimmer pot that mounts on the board. My questions are:  
1. What does it do?  
2. How do you set it?  
3. Is it critical to the circuit or can I put in a pair of 1k resistors?  
4. If it's critical, does anyone know who sells a 2k PC mount pot?  
Thank you.

Dr.Dan Dave,I think that is the secret SUC... -- 12/2/2000 11:06 PM
r4c 1. It's the control voltage feedthr... -- 12/3/2000 3:23 AM