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Re: Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan

11/27/2000 11:38 PM
anonymousRe: Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan
I own a Maxon and I like it's tone much better than my Boss three-knob compressor. The Boss has an extra "attack" knob, which ius a nice feature, but the pedal thins out the signal somewhat (even when bypassed), so I never use it anymore. With the Maxon, I leave the sustain knob turned all the way down and adjust the output volume to taste. As soon as I turn the sustain knob past zero, the signal squashes too much for me.  
I have no experience with the MXR Dynacomp, so I have nothing to say about it.

Glorbz HI, I personnally use an Ibanez CP-... -- 11/28/2000 12:22 AM