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Re: Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan

11/27/2000 4:29 PM
Re: Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan
I have used both the DynaComp and the Ross. Once I started using the DynaComp it became a permanent fixture on my pedalboard...however at any setting above 9o'clock on the threshold control the noise becomes very apparent. I would adjust the threshold to where hiss starts then backoff just a bit. The Ross seemed to have less hiss at the same settings. Both exhibit a fast attack that seems to "squash" the intial picking transient. I think the AM mod replaces some components to improve the S/N level and stability of the DynaComp. Both of these circuits use the same OTA technology to control gain. After the Ross I started using a Boss CS-1. While the CS-1 is not much quieter than the other two, it seems to retain more of the picking attack.I don't know if the Maxon is a copy of either of these pedals. If it is it will have the same limitations and/or problems.

ash Thanks for the info., jpl. Anyone ... -- 11/27/2000 8:21 PM