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Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan

11/27/2000 3:06 PM
Compressor comparison: Maxon vs. AnalogMan
Background is as follows: My basic rig consists of a fairly stock '97 Amer.Std.Strat, through a Laney VC-30 1x12. My signal path contains a Maxon delay, a Voodoo Lab Tremolo, and a Vox re-issue wah. I recently tried out a used MXR re-issue DynaComp compressor at the front of the signal chain, and, for the most part, I loved what it did for my sound - i.e. thicker, more sustain, "ballsier" sound. The other effects seemed to sound better with the compressor running in front of them, also (especially the trem). The only problems seem to be the white noise emanating from the pedal whenever engaged and the fairly obviously delayed pick attack. I really cannot live with either of these conditions. I have heard raves about the AnalogMan mod of the DynaComp reissue, which in effect recreates the Ross compressor. I have also heard raves about the Maxon compressor. Does anyone have experience with either/both of these pedals? Any help is appreciated before I shell out more $$$. Sorry for the verbose question.

jpl Ash,I have used both the Dy... -- 11/27/2000 4:29 PM
anonymous I own a Maxon and I like it's tone ... -- 11/27/2000 11:38 PM