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Boss SD-1 to TS-9 mod

11/22/2000 2:32 AM
Boss SD-1 to TS-9 mod
I've just been looking at the Boss SD-1 super overdrive schem, and it looks very similar to the TS-9. it even comes with the JRC4558 chip so I hear. I am wondering if anyone has converted one of these to a tubescreamer? if so, how difficult is it working on the Boss's PCB? and, is it very easy to disengage the asymetrical clipping of the BOSS?  
If it is not too difficult to do this mod, it seems like this would be the route to go. you can get the SD-1 for around $40 bucks and I personally like the boss footswitch mechanism better than a TS-9's  

John Fisher Josh, It seems to me that ... -- 11/22/2000 5:46 AM
Dave Josh,I did this mod awhile ... -- 11/22/2000 7:59 PM