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Re: Daisy-chaining Matsushita delay chips

11/14/2000 4:37 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Daisy-chaining Matsushita delay chips
Thanks. All sound advice.  
Multipath feedback IS cool (wish I had a MN3011 to play with!), but this is a simple mixer with an analog delay line built in. In this case, simply adding a bit more delay time and the basic functions of a delay line such as a variable delay time control (currently it is fixed at some time unspecified in the manual) and recirculation control IS hotrodding it.  
All in all, can't complain. I paid $40 for it (used), and it came with an assortment of nice features (7-band EQ, 10-step LED meter, 4 mic and 2 line inputs, and assignable delay). For that money, I can afford to ignore additional bells and whistles.