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Re: tube driver mush

11/8/2000 9:19 PM
Re: tube driver mush
Yeah, I don't care for low voltage tube preamps at all. I have a homebrew tube preamp on my pedalboard (my only pedal except my tuner...) It uses about 100 different kinds of pentode tubes (7-pin miniature ones such as 6AU6, 6AG5, etc.) Right now I have a 6BE6 in there and it sounds killer. Basically a 1-stage preamp, a little switch to flip it over to triode mode, volume and tone. Footswitchable bypass and "fat" switches. Simple little box, runs off of 6VDC for the heaters and 130VDC for the plate. Nice and quiet with the DC heaters.  
That said, I love the old Dean Markley Overlord pedals which are 12V I believe like a Real Tube. Throw a 12AU7 in there and it's pretty good. A little flubby perhaps but I play mostly single-coils and that's kind of nice sometimes.