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Re: Who makes the highest quality A/B box?

10/11/2000 9:30 PM
Jam Handy
Re: Who makes the highest quality A/B box?
Hi Dave,  
I A/B'd a lot of A/B boxes when I made my purchase. I needed a box that wouldn't bleed through from the opposite channel. DOD's A/B box was the worst. It let the signal hum from the other channel to come right on thru. I thought Morley might have made a nice box, but none of their boxes did what I needed. They all bled back thru from the other channel...not good...  
I finally found the Whirlwind Selector. It does not bleed thru, and was the best of the pack.  
Here is how I was using the box:  
I have several distortion/fuzz boxes. When I am using one, I can turn the other channel's box to one that I want to use, then hit the "A/B" switch, and I'm on that pedal. This leaves two pedals on at the same time, and if you do that with most A/B boxes, they will hum and allow noise from the other, not used channel.  
I have not heard of the other brands spoken of here, and if you are handy with a soldering iron, you may be able to build a good box. But, a good box needs filtering between the channels so that you don't get bleed-thru...The Whirlwind is 9v powered, and has a circuit board with a bunch of stuff I don't understand...all I know is that it works great!!