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Re: Conspiracy 2

10/10/2000 2:17 PM
Mark HammerRe: Conspiracy 2
Yeah, I *did* notice the apparent little "dig" at EJ, but didn't want to add fuel to that fire. My take on it was that he was probably alluding more to the folks that pick up a little snippet here and there (like battery brand, etc.) and run with that like it was chapter out of Leviticus, rather than twisting the knife into EJ personally. Much like pro wrestlers, whatever we see in print has no bearing on the backstage relationships between these folks.  
Alternatively, given that JS and EJ did tour together, perhaps it is a reflection on the misapplication of arcane studio tweaks to live circumstances. Your comment about the relative degree of tonal consistency between studio and stage for the two musicians suggests that maybe EJ has more on the ball than one might think, though, despite the equipment gymnastics.  
My take is just that sometimes...maybe even often... a lot of this tech lore stuff just doesn't matter.  
Case in point. Years ago I had a 3 pickup arrangement and experimented with all kinds of phase-switching and combining arrangements. Of course, once the volume control went up (and on my little 6-watt Princeton, anything over 6 is simply grind n'grunt), all the nuances between pickup combinations disappeared. I'm sure plenty of you often can't tell the difference between the centre position on a 2-pickup guitar, and the bridge position, when a fuzzbox happens to be in circuit and up.

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