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Re: Tone- who cares?

9/16/2000 12:24 AM
Re: Tone- who cares?
I'm not saying it's not important, it obviously it was sets apart a great guitarist from a good one. I'm saying that agonozing over it won't help, but spending more time playing with what you've got will help develope what you've *really* got, the talent and God-given "tone" or "voice" you have on the instrument. Yeah, I sound "better" with an old Super Lead than a Crate ss amp; I sound "better" with a good strat than a cheap plank of wood with strings and pickups on it. But I've seen too many musicians who spend more time and money trying to get a "sound" that they just really don't have and aren't going to get. You have to develope your own sound and style of playing, and one will effect the other. How about "be concerned and work on tone, but don't worry about it to the point of driving yourself (and those around) you nuts worrying about it"? Sound better? And I also know fat ugly guys with hot chicks. (You do mean girls, not chickens, right?) But yeah, Mike, you should care about tone if you play the guitar. Arguing about it or worrying about every tiny aspect of it will just keep you too busy to do anything with whatever tone you find for yourself.  

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