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Re: BF Showman impedances

9/6/2000 2:32 PM
Re: BF Showman impedances
No, it is not true that Fender OTs were purposly over engineered to take 100% mismatches!!  
That is rather careless info but I read it every where too.  
Nobody from Fender EVER said "lets get them built 100% over their noraml ratings so players can go up or down in speaker loads with out worrying about faliures".  
The OTs happen to be made very well and can survive a mismatch for long periods of time but mostly in the lower then correct direction... running a 4 ohm load on an 8 ohm tap, etc.  
Although, while running a 2:1 mismatch (especially if you mean doubling the output load), you might never experience a tube failure, tube socket arc over or heaven forbid, an output transformer failure, you still should be concerned about it and work to protect what you have.