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Re: BF Showman impedances

9/6/2000 9:13 AM
Re: BF Showman impedances
Thanks for the help Rick. Since you replied I was hoping to ask you one more question. Is it true that I should be concerned about running the main speaker out of this Showman into a 16ohm load ? Some people have told me that Fender´s OT were over-engineered to take a 100% mis-match in impedance. Wouldn´t that suggest that 16ohm is ok as well as 4ohm ? As far as I can tell, this is definitely a Showman and not a Dual Showman. OT part number is 125A30A and as I understand it, the DS is 125A29A. Thanks again.

Bruce No, it is not true that Fender OTs ... -- 9/6/2000 2:32 PM