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Re: hmmm...

8/3/2000 8:07 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: hmmm...
How about this rephrasing....  
Somebody said something that got this thread sidetracked and overheated.  
That's all I meant. No more, no less. I was just nursing a metaphor a little too far.  
One of these days, Steve will devise a filter for postings that recognizes the word "best", and they will automatically be siphoned to a "humour" forum at Ampage, where they actually belong. Though many of us came here from alt.guitar and other "legacy" newsgroups specifically to avoid the "best..." blather there (which CAN get pretty narrowminded and overheated), I have to admit that some of the most fun to be had on Ampage sometimes comes when people make tongue in cheek submissions following up a "best" thread.  
Speaking of humour, I haven't checked out Bench humour in a while. I should see what other forms of human foibles have been added recently. Some of them are really quite funny, even if you DON'T work in a music store.