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Re: All time best guitar band

7/29/2000 4:11 AM
Re: All time best guitar band
OK, I see I'm going to be the minority here, not being a big jazz fan and all...but you did ask  
Guitar 1: David Gilmour  
Guitar 2: John Frusciante(Chili peppers)  
Bass: Flea  
Drums: Neal Pert (did I spell that right?  
From RUSH?)  
Vocals: Not too sure, Maybe Patty Smith  
OH, we can pick dead people?  
Guitar 1: Jimi  
Guitar 2: NOBODY plays with Jimi  
Bass: Sorry, still Flea  
Drums: John Bohnam  
Vocals: I'd rather just hear Jimi play  
How do you guys get stuff to come out with tab? Everything comes out left tab fo me?

Richie{~}==::: Like to see other Hendrix fans. But... -- 7/30/2000 12:13 AM