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Re: speaker freq. ranges

7/28/2000 8:57 PM
David Warren
Re: speaker freq. ranges
You are absolutely right about guitar speakers.  
Thiele-Small parameters are ignored most of the time. But there is a good reason. Most guitar speakers have a very high Qts, higher than 1.0, which means they are designed for "free air" applications, to accomodate open back cabinets. If one were to use the Thiele-Small parameters to calculate optimum cabinet sizes, you could many times come up with some rather huge cabinets. Other options, which are overlooked, are to put these same speakers in sealed cabinets, which is fine with high Qts speakers, and depending on the cabinet size, and what is used for damping materials, etc., different frequency spikes (peaks) will result, and sometimes these will be just the resulting sound someone might be looking for. Yet another option is to cut aperiodic damping ports in the cabinets. You can experiment with these until you get the sound, especially the resulting lower midrange and low-end response, the way it sounds best to you.