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previous: Josh thinking of going tube for home stereo -- 7/14/2000 3:52 AM View Thread

Re: thinking of going tube for home stereo (my $.02)

7/17/2000 2:26 PM
Re: thinking of going tube for home stereo (my $.02)
Glass Audio magazine has published MANY designs for home hi-fi use. There are lots of kits available as well, a kit may be the way to go.  
If you decide to build your own speakers check out the discussion at These guys are a great resource for diy loudspeakers, many kits for speakers as well.  
These two areas, keeping cost about equal,are the two areas where diy can very easily out perform most commercial equipment. IMHO.  
I say go for it.

Carl S. Don't negate the SS Marantz/Sansui/McIntosh -- 7/19/2000 5:07 PM