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Re: hello trace....TECH PAGE FOR PLEXI'S??

6/20/2000 1:53 PM
Ken McGIll
Re: hello trace....TECH PAGE FOR PLEXI'S??
Reb - I saw that whole scenario at the PP BBS.I was  
wondering what happened to that thread. Finally one  
of the posters asked about the thread and challenged Plexi Palace to do a review of their own.AS you probably saw that apparently didnt go over to well either. All I can say is thanks to your posts and the others here I got off the fence and tried the OEI Xformer. Didnt realise it would make that much of a difference.Now I know what they mean by "having the iron" to achieve good  
Marshall tone.And I was able to do it at a good price.  

ChrisW ? -- 6/20/2000 6:56 PM