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Re: hello trace....TECH PAGE FOR PLEXI'S??

6/20/2000 9:20 AM
Ken McGIll
Re: hello trace....TECH PAGE FOR PLEXI'S??
Hey Rick - I posted my feeble attempt of a review  
of your install in my amp in the Guitar Amps section. Your impressions are right on. I ended up  
spending most of Friday night and Saturday bathing  
in fantastic Marshall tones thanks to Joe's  
transformer and your efforts.I am able to dial in  
really clean Little Wing/Wind Cries Mary tones to  
Bluesy Red House tones to some great all out cranked  
smooth overdrive. Of course the Tom Anderson helped.  
Another thing I noticed is improved tone quality  
on the -12 to -16 settings of the Hot Plate. Maybe it was my enthusiasm over this thing but I noticed  
less mush I guess is the word I am looking for.  
Cant beat the lower attenuated settings though.  
Thanks again.You all created another happy customer  

frank Just my 2 cents worth :) -- 6/24/2000 12:50 PM