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Re: Nothing Yet From Barcellona/Swamp?

6/7/2000 12:12 AM
Randall Aiken
Re: Nothing Yet From Barcellona/Swamp?
I hope nothing serious has happened to Charles. Sometimes, the stress of running your own business can get too much, and you have to get away for awhile. I know I get like that sometimes! It would be nice if someone who lived near him could go check and see if all is okay.  
I hope to not keep you guys waiting too much longer on the bias probe. Supposedly, the updated revision of the custom parts for my probes are on the way, but I've heard that before! It is amazing how long it can take for vendors to get things made for you. I will have to do a rev of the PC board, so the product is still a few more weeks out, after I make sure these new parts are suitable.  
Randall Aiken

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