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Re: Hi-fi tube favorites?

6/4/2000 9:06 PM
Re: Hi-fi tube favorites?
I went through this exercise several years ago.I tried the following amps, going from good to fantastic, in this order:  
Eico ST40, stock  
Dynaco ST-70, stock  
Dynaco ST-70 with Curcio mods  
McIntosh MC30 stock  
McIntosh MC30, modded with metal film resistors and film caps  
My own design with 2X6SN7 and one 211A transmitting triode  
The 211A ran single ended absolutely killed everything else. No comparison. The transformers are expensive and the voltages lethal, but the sound is exceptional. I would think a 300B is even better but there will be less power and the tubes cost more.  
One more thing that applies to hifi and guitar amps, to me the fewer gain stages in an amp the better the sound. The 211A amp has only two stages and it sounds great.