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Re: get with the program...

5/23/2000 5:34 PM
Jay Doyle
Re: get with the program...
"Apparently BMI or ASCAP recruited some companies to find "lost  
royalties" from copyright and broadcast infrigment."  
This is a legitimate and fair response. Every bar that plans on playing even  
the radio needs to have a contract with both unions in order to play music  
created by musicians within each union. It sucks that the bar owner got  
sued and had to go out of business, but ignorance is not an excuse and he  
should have researched this point. Look at it from the musicians side. You  
spend your youth trying to remain true to your art and get a band together.  
You bust ass for years before someone finally looks at you. In order to  
achieve your dream you spend most of the time bent over kissing  
corporate ass and bowing to their every whim, from adding another chorus  
at the end (need to hear that sweet, sweet hook one more time) to what you  
wear during your performance. After recording your album and selling it, if  
you are really, really lucky you break even and don't owe the record  
company anything, but then again you didn't make anything either. The two  
ways you can make money are to tour without relying too heavily on the  
record company to support the tour, and through the royalties off of "public  
performances" of your recorded work. Now "public performances" means  
every time a song of yours is played in a public establishment, whether it  
be on the radio or by a cover band in a bar. This is only $.075 per time the  
song is played. But at that point, every cent counts, because it is the only  
money that the record company DOESN'T have a right to collect on (that is  
unless you were stupid enough to sign it away in your record contract).  
While it seems overly harsh to punish someone for just playing music, it is  
also unfair for the proprietor of an establishment to provide non-original  
entertainment and expect not to pay for it. The musicians do have a right to  
get paid for their work.  
ASCAP and BMI may seem to be extensions of "the industry" and at times  
they are, but in the end they are looking out for the musicians. The  
legalities of royalties may suck and at times the rules may punish those  
who aren't deserving of the extent of the punishment; but without them the  
musician has no recourse to protect and get paid for his art.  
Remember that while most respected musician are in the music business  
for their art over the money they receive, without the latter it is hard to keep  
producing the former, unless you like to starve.  
A working musicians point of view,  
Jay Doyle

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