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Amperex 5AR4/GZ34 trivia question

5/13/2000 3:14 AM
Amperex 5AR4/GZ34 trivia question
A friend just gave me an old Dynaco stereo amp with an Amperex 5AR4 rectifier with the getter in very good condition, and we were discussing the inflation of NOS tubes. I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas as to it's value just for trivia's sake. The tube is marked in gold paint as:  
5AR4 70  
GZ34 22  
Made in Gr Britain  
and upside down below that in grey:  
I was just wondering what it was worth because a guy gave this old Dynaco stereo that says "Dynaco PC3 on the circuit board to my friend for a $25 debt and he thought he was ripping my buddy off. It has Three (of Four) Dynaco EL34/6CA7 Power tubes. I was just thinking that it might be a relabeled Mullard. Thanks in advance for any trivia on this.  

Marc Y:He GAVE it to you? Nice g... -- 5/13/2000 3:28 AM
Doc It sounds to me that you were given... -- 5/16/2000 2:11 PM