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Re: Hack Alert! Hack Alert!

5/11/2000 1:22 PM
Stephen Conner
Re: Hack Alert! Hack Alert!
Never is a long time PT. Over the years I've had many pieces of music equipment that I was really fond of and would have liked buried with me. Like that Ibanez Destroyer that I sawed into a new shape and gave a fine furniture finish. Or my high-gain tube/SS hybrid amp, the first one I ever built. Or the brown mixing desk with the real hardwood end cheeks. Or the huge old 4x12" which I dismantled and rebuilt with a sloping front and a 1.5" baffle board.  
I eventually got fed up with them all. I got $100 for the Destroyer (which I bought second hand for $400) The amp went on fire and had to be put down. Once all the Eminence speakers had blown, the 4x12" got fragged and taken up to the dump. Never say never. And think twice before you drill ;)  
Steve C.