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Re: GEORGE LYNCH tone from the 80's? how?

5/1/2000 6:54 AM
Re: GEORGE LYNCH tone from the 80's? how?
"It would be great if we could get either Lee J. Or Tim C or someone that was into that late 80s amp thing to give us all the good details from those really killer Marshall mods here on Ampage."
Tim Caswell lives right around me here somewhere, he's doing real good with keyboards right now. I met him last summer just for a minute at a Blues Fest. Anyway, he is real good friends with another buddy of mine, and when it comes to amps he very tight lipped. Still holding on to his secrets. I've heard he done a couple of mods for guys around here--notably the Black Box. He's got it all epoxied together and nobody knows what he got going on. there has been some talk he might get into building some amps.  

Mitch B,When I talke to Tim he wa... -- 5/1/2000 12:50 PM