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Re: GEORGE LYNCH tone from the 80's? how?

5/1/2000 4:38 AM
Re: GEORGE LYNCH tone from the 80's? how?
Hi Mark,  
I talked with Lee a few times while he was in Austin and He had said something about using the added gain stage and gain pot on Marshalls. Maybe I misunderstood him but I thought he said that was the mod that was used in LA. I had talked with Tim Caswell back in the late 80s over the phone and he told me about that mod that was used on a marshall head that originally was a tremelo head but he converted the added gain stage and pot to get that killer gain on the Marshall amp he rented to George in those days. If you read back to the late 80s in Guitar player Mag, George Lynch talks about the Caswell modded Marshalls he wanted to buy but Tim would only rent the amp to him to use on tour. It would be great if we could get either Lee J. Or Tim C or someone that was into that late 80s amp thing to give us all the good details from those really killer Marshall mods here on Ampage. Thanks.

BWilliamson q{It would be great if we could get... -- 5/1/2000 6:54 AM