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Indiana PA guitar show

4/30/2000 8:49 PM
Indiana PA guitar show
Got back from the Indiana show. Guitar prices, were overinflated, as always... guess not bad if you were looking for a piece to play, but nothing if you want to resell. Amps were about the same way. The only real points of interest (besides the overabundance of Champs and VibroChamps), was a Tweed Harvard for $450 (never priced or seen one, so I dont know if that is good, bad or fair). Missed an early silverface Bandmaster Reverb head and cabinet for $350 (which I could probably had him down another $50 on it, but dindt want to haul it around...). I ended up leaving with a traynor pa chassis/head that had the guts out, but for $15, i couldt buy the chassis for that much, let alone the rest of the head, plus the labor to punch and drill it.. Looks like I know what my plexi-clone will be going in. Also got a handful of 6au6 tubes for $5. Not spectacular, and not needed all THAT often, but I have an amp that needs one, and they are nice to keep on hand. Latrz

tom pierce the show is/was always a good place... -- 5/1/2000 12:26 PM