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Re: To Brad's Questions...

4/30/2000 4:31 PM
Steve Slick
Re: To Brad's Questions...
My vote? Yes and no.  
Yes, let's let this thread (and the other one) sink to the bottom. I wanna learn more about amps.  
No, according to my mentor (Kevin O'Connor), never, ever, ever run two amps into one speaker.  
Now there's something I'm interested in. Since reading Kevin's stuff in TUT1 about speaker switching, I've been dreaming about having 3 cabinets: closed and open, 4-10s, 2-12s and 1-15, Celestion, Eminence, and Webers. Now, how to narrow it down to 3 specific configs?  
Oh and be able to reliably switch between them in real time. Maybe a petalboard to switch configurations. I can't get the possibility out of my mind, thank you Kevin.  
Steve Slick

Brad Steve, The 2 amp- 1 speaker... -- 4/30/2000 6:07 PM