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UDMA66 hard drives

4/24/2000 2:09 AM
Steve A.
UDMA66 hard drives
    These hard drives had been discussed here awhile back as an alternative to SCSI drives for hard disk recording and I just learned something about them over on the usenet: you need to enable DMA support in Control Panel | System | Device Manager | Disk Drives [select UDMA hd]| Properties  
    Using HD Tach version 2.52, with DMA disabled, the CPU utilization was 99.4%, the average read speed was 2,828.6kbps and the access time was 13.5ms. With DMA enabled, the CPU utilization was 7.7%, the average read speed was 23,519.7kbps and the access time was 10.5ms. (My computer has a PIII 600E with a 100mhZ bus.)  
    Quite a difference- eh? BTW I found nothing at all about the DMA setting in the documentation from Maxtor nor on their web site. Using HD Tach I did find the answer to the question I had about UDMA66 and UDMA33 drives: if you connect an UDMA33 drive as a slave to an UDMA66 drive there seems to be no deterioration of performance... You do need to use an 80 wire IDE cable for UDMA66 drives- 40 data lines separated by 40 ground lines.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. There had been a link posted for another program to test out your drives... can somebody post that if they saved it? Thanks!

Steve A.     Here is the... -- 4/24/2000 2:12 AM
MKB Re: UDMA66 hard drives- Thanks! -- 5/3/2000 11:42 AM