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Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas

4/23/2000 3:48 AM
Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas
Joe, What can I say, That X88 smokes man. ( Its the BOMB) Really I am so impressed after seeing your pics of the X88. I know it sounds as good as it looks cause I've heard your sound clip of the SLO clone . I think the X88 will be my next project cause seeing the pics inspires me to go for it. Besides I bet it will make a (SMOKIN) recording amp. If SJ can set up a site for all the amp builders to send sound clips to that would be (SO COOL!!!) Think about it , Where on earth can a person go to hear a Soldano, a plexi, A Dumble and some other great tube amps, Instead of the local BS music shop that carries Crate, Peavey and POS amps. I mean there are some shops that carry a good stock of amps but when you can sit at your computer in your own house and listen to great amps that WE as techs can build for far less cash than the amp companys sell and have that killer tone. Well then thank (GOD) for technology cause this just does not get any better.  
P.S. Thanks TBOY for the ampage as this just keeps getting better and better and better as the BBS threads go on!!!