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Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas

4/22/2000 12:23 AM
Joe L
Re: Okay, here are some more sound Ideas
"Now I hope he posts the Soldano X88 sound clips from his last project the X88 Three channel recording preamp. "
Working on it Mitch. Gotta learn how to play the guitar again after working on amps for 6 months!  
The best way to describe the Lead channel of the X88R is that it is "clearer" than my SLO clones with the same amount of distortion. It has more presense than the SLO circuit in every gain mode even when played thru the Marshall/SLO effects return. Note separation is not quite as good. Gain is higher, and the tone is shifted to the treble end 'ala early EVH. The clean side sounds MUCH better than the stock SLO design. It isn't anything like a Fender clean, more like the 80s shimmering clean you heard on so many songs. I fixed the Crunch channel which had a leaky LDR and it works well but it's just hard to approximate a good crunch with only preamp tubes. The crunch channel also responds very well to being overdriven with a pedal, sounding not as "dense" as the lead channel with more presense.  
It is without a doubt an upgrade to the Marshall/SLO front end in both stage usability and tone." > 
..Joe L

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