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Re: Quality of MP3 guitar samples

4/21/2000 7:25 PM
C. Gigun
Re: Quality of MP3 guitar samples
You definitely want to use MP3 for this. Even a high quality (high bit rate) MP3 is going to be way smaller than a .wav file and if you use a decent mp3 converter they sound pretty good. MP3 compression sometimes sacrifices a fair bit of stereo information as it tries to crunch the file size down, but this shouldn't be an issue since we're talking about mono guitar amps.  
What's going to determine 90% of the quality of the final sound file in ANY format is the setup used to record the amp. If you record it with the little mic on top of your computer it's going to sound like an AM radio no matter what you do, but given the gear level of the guys on this forum I don't think you'd get to many of those. Once the amp tone has gone all the way from the speaker through the mic, preamp, and AD converter to your hard drive, the change from wav to mp3 is pretty minor.  
The even more compelling reason is that MP3 is currently the defacto standard music exchange format for the internet. There are better technologies (VQF and others) that produce better sounding files, but good luck getting submissions in VQF and you can't expect many of your visitors to be able to hear the files.  
If I can help with the website in any way, let me know. I'm trapped in a silicon valley tower all day making much less rewarding websites ;-)  
-Carl Gigun (I gotta come up with a nickname so I don't step all over the other Carl that's on this thing)

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