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re: Help!?

4/7/2000 6:27 PM
re: Help!?
I'm sure there will be differing opinions on this, but I would encourage you to take a course on electricity at your local community college or technical school.  
You might see if you can find an old textbook, basically pre 1965, that teaches radio or electricity, and read it. You might see if you can find a reissue tube manual, they have a good intro to tubes.  
If you have any military connections, you might try to access someone's old set of pamphlets for military education on electronics, they are quite good.  
Another excellent source is any year's, but particularly pre '70's, manuals published by the Amatuer Radio Relay league.  
My observation is that it is extremely expensive to try to educate yourself about a topic by means of magazines, but Glass Audio is a good one.  
I'll leave it to someone else to tell you which of the books specifically aimed at guitarists are worth their price.  
My personal hereos of audio education are Bascom King who is in Stereophile, Pro Sound Review and Audio magazines. His brain works the way I wish mine did. When he explains, I get it. For dead guys, I think there is no one better than Norman Crowhurst, who has authored many books and zillions of articles.  
What else, Ampagers ?