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Re: Route 66 PS Questions (and UL questions)

4/3/2000 7:50 AM
Steve A.
Re: Route 66 PS Questions (and UL questions)
    Can you explain what a CRC filter is? Cap-Resistor-Cap? Maybe you can spell it out- like is it a 40uF cap to ground followed by a 100 ohm resistor followed by a second 40uF cap to ground? With the first 40uF cap connected to B+ from the rectifier (question: tube or ss?) and the CT of the UL OT is connected to the P.S. node of the *second* 40uF cap? What value and wattage resistors are you using between the UL taps and the screens?  
    If the OT was not UL, that sounds like you would hook up the plates to the first cap and the screens to the second cap (and maybe use a 1k resistor instead of 100 ohm)?  
Steve Ahola  
Something like this?  
B+ ---> 40uF --> 100R --> 40uF -----> OT CT  
(With the (—) leads of the filter caps connected to ground and the resistor wired in series between the two caps.)

Morris You've got it right Steve. The "st... -- 4/3/2000 1:11 PM