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Re: Filter Caps

4/2/2000 7:33 AM
Re: Filter Caps
Only Sprague or CDE in the power supply. These are great caps but they're a little pricey. CDE being the most expensive.  
I use Xicon electrolytics exclusively in my power supplies, and I have never had a single failure--not one! :-) These are well-made Japanese capacitors.  
Additionally, TVA Atom caps are manufactured by a Japanese owned company; namely, United Chemicon. As I have said earlier, Sprague as a company no longer exists. Vishay owns the brand name Sprague. Look on the Orange Drop (produced by SBE) or TVA Atom (produced by United Chemicon) pages in Mouser's catalog, and you will see Vishay's logo above Sprague's logo. The Sprague mystique is nothing but voodoo at this point. These capacitors are for all intents and purposes contract produced components. Vishay is free to change manufacturers at will.  

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