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onboard midboost suggestions?

3/30/2000 8:07 PM
Jeff S
onboard midboost suggestions?
Ive been trying to find a schematic for the 25dB onboard midboost preamp that's used by Buddy Guy (Fender sells these but I don't know if they actually make them), and I haven't had any luck. Does anybody know anything about it, or possibly have a schematic, spec sheet, patent #--Anything would be helpful at this point. If not, Im open to suggestions regarding a different midbooster design (I'd like at least 12dB boost, though).  

Max Hi Jeff!Hav... -- 3/30/2000 11:04 PM
Steve A. Jeff:  &n... -- 3/31/2000 12:09 AM
Jeff S Got it! Thanks a bunch Cole, your a... -- 4/4/2000 4:05 AM
Jeff S Did you get the schematic Steve? -- 4/6/2000 2:35 AM