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Re: More than 550ms analog delay? No way.

3/30/2000 3:37 AM
Ed Rembold
Re: More than 550ms analog delay? No way.
OK, Mark ,  
I guess it won't work this time.(Resident Ampage Delay Expert, checking out newbie pedal)  
Regarding "delay" sound files- My experience  
is that Delay nuances are just too subtle for  
sound files, Gotta be "live". As least amoung  
the brethern, I'm really paranoid about telling  
Exactly how I did something- Because if I can  
figure it out, Anyone can.  
I'll tell you this much- Go to Mitsubishi's  
site, locate their best digital delay chip, and download the app. notes. That chip is the brains  
of my pedal, how I did the rest of it, I will not say, after all, no secret-no product.  
Ed R.

Mark Hammer Aha! So it IS digital!! That woul... -- 3/30/2000 3:21 PM