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Re: More than 550ms analog delay? No way.

3/28/2000 1:08 AM
Ed Rembold
Re: More than 550ms analog delay? No way.
How would you guys like a delay pedal that  
has the following features-  
2 modes of delay- 0-500ms, 50-950ms.  
3 delay voices- bright, warm, and dark. Voice effecting only the delay.  
true bypass, unity gain, guitar signal stays  
analog, delayed signal softly clipped.  
knobs are-delay time, repeats, echo level.  
the circut is Both digital And analog.  
I've been withholding the pedal, waiting for  
Mark's Delay writeup, But the locals say its the  
best they have heard. (I think it is too).  
Mark- Maybe I should just send you one to  
criticize, and then you could send it back-  
Whataya say? Ed R.  
By the way- its called the Echo-Czar.

Mark Hammer Is the delay path analog, or just t... -- 3/28/2000 4:19 PM