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Re: new-bee ?: integrated tube amp into guitar amp

3/16/2000 3:11 PM
Re: new-bee ?: integrated tube amp into guitar amp
You can count me as twisted person #2!  
Thanks for the offer for help. I'll surely take you up on it. I found a schematic for the Deluxe 5e3 ... and you're right its fairly close to that old record player.  
I'll probably email you with more specific questions. is that OK?  
My friend is very knowledgable - he's an older gentleman who used to repair hi-fi amps in the late 1960's. I have one of his Dynaco home-brew amps on my guitar rig right now ... WOW, clean & Clear as a bell!  
Catch you later  

Trace q{You can count me as twisted perso... -- 3/16/2000 3:36 PM