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Re: speaker cable lengths

3/9/2000 7:30 PM
Re: speaker cable lengths
As Ken says the load of the speaker is so low no significant noise can build up in speaker cables, but here are some other considerations:  
In the bad old days of totem pole amps, like the Acoustic 360 series (mid '70's), using speaker cables that were fairly capacitive, like coax, could send amps into mortal oscillation.  
If the two conductors of the cable are far apart they have a high inductance and conductors close together have a high capacitance.  
Whether this matters or not depends on the source and load impedance.  
My strategy is to get a low level signal to a preamp with a very short run and cover distance at line level where you can control impedance and dc resistance is not important. Put your amp near your speaker and keep that run short for damping, not for noise reasons.

Brad This all makes perfect sense. It's ... -- 3/10/2000 1:43 AM