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Re:Printing Steve A's Schems

3/9/2000 3:50 AM
Steve A.
Re:Printing Steve A's Schems
    Are you using Win9x? One easy way to load a file into Image Commander is to have an icon on your desktop near the bottom of the screen; open Windows Explorer and navigate to the directory that has the unzipped ADA files. When you have selected the file you want, drag it over to the icon and drop it on; the program should open with that file loaded.  
    Have you already unzipped IC and installed it? If you have but don't have an icon for it on your desktop, let me know and I'll talk you through it.  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. If you have an icon for Kodak Imaging, try "dragging and dropping" the file onto that icon instead. The drawing should be displayed and the File | Print option should be available.  
    Alternately, if you can open KI from the Start Menu, resize its window so that it only takes up part of the screen and then locate the ADA file in Windows Explorer. Drag and drop the file onto the title bar of Kodak Imagining and that should load the file. (That trick doesn't work for some programs in which case you would get the "No Go" cursor: a circle with a line through it.)  
    Maybe we need to start a class: "Windows for EE's and Rocket Scientists". < grin >