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Re:Printing Steve A's Schems

3/9/2000 1:24 AM
Ed Rembold
Re:Printing Steve A's Schems
To Steve, Joe and MKB.  
It's not you guys it's me. I'm the stupidest  
person to ever sit in front of a computer.  
I've tried six-ways-to-sunday to print those  
schems, and can't do it.  
Steve, I believe I ended up with Kodak Imag.  
when I loaded my scanner software (HP scanjet  
3300C) .  
But Joe, when I select "file" from Kodak Imag.  
the "print" is not "lit-up" and does nothing  
when clicked on.  
Steve , I down-loaded JASC and ACD32, but  
I'm just too stupid to make it work. I'm so  
frustrated, I could just blow a gasket.  
But thankyou guys. Ed R.  

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