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Re: Traynor trade ?

3/5/2000 10:58 AM
Re: Traynor trade ?
>I have to admit that I am becoming an advocate of  
>leaving a YBA-1 stock.  
>Mark Knapp  
The early YBA1, leave stock. No point in doing serious hacking on them.  
The later ones, after about 1972 took a turn for the worse. By the late 1970's, they were seriously screwed up. Obviously, they hired the engineers that couldn't get jobs at Fender in a desperate attempt to make their amps suck too. Late model transformers were still Hammonds, but puny unlike the earlier ones.  
Still, if you can get one for a bargain price, it makes a great conversion. I got a late 1970's YBA4 (a YBA1 with a 15 inch speaker in a combo cab). I put a replacement Marshall transformer in it, converted the circuit to plexi specs, and it makes a pretty hot guitar amp. Heck you can still play bass on it in a pinch.  
Mechanically, they aren't bad, but they aren't as heavily built as the Fender chassis. Still, they are tough enough and worth scoring.