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previous: T.B. Re: hi tboy, it works great with AOL5.0 & IE5.0 -- 3/4/2000 12:30 AM View Thread


3/4/2000 1:28 AM
"Should there be the original post there already for us to edit or select parts of?"
Yes, the text of the post you are replying to is supposed to appear in the right frame, and the goof that prevented it from doing so has been corrected.  

Megajack what are those tickmarks for?... -- 3/4/2000 3:42 AM
T.B. Everything's A-OK now. Thanks tboy... -- 3/4/2000 9:43 AM
Trace It's ROCKS TBOY!!! -- 3/4/2000 5:23 PM
Steve A.
Clarification -- 3/4/2000 10:41 PM