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Re: Question about drawing circuits

2/28/2000 1:37 AM
Steve A.
Re: Question about drawing circuits
    If Corel Draw 8 will import .ps files and faithfully convert them into PDF, JPG, GIF and/or BMP files, you are set. (I'm not altogether "sold" on the export capabilities of many programs!)  
    To summarize the instructions in the article I mentioned, you need to go through Control Panel to add a PostScript "printer" and configure its output to "FILE". Try to find the most current PostScript driver (possibly on the Adobe site) so that you can create Level 2 PostScript files in color. In the past I had used the HP5M/5MP driver since it supports 600dpi, but it is not a color printer.  
    Once your "virtual" PostScript printer is properly set up as your default printer, you can create .ps (or .eps) files from any Windows program. Just select File | Print and choose the options you want to use. (I always use the EPS option for .eps files, and generally deselect any special options.) When you initiate the print function, a dialog box will pop up (usually with the default .prn extension). You need to type in the full filename you want to use including the .PS or .EPS extention.  
    Once you have created the PS or EPS file you can then try loading it into Corel Draw to see how it turned out. (I have at least a dozen programs that are *supposed* to import PS or EPS files, but only GhostScript seems to be able to handle practically anything that I throw at it.) If you use the GhostView shell, you then click on File | Print and select the Print to File option along with the format to save the file in (BMP, JPG, TIFF). What is really cool is that you can edit the INI file to add in higher resolutions... and it actually works!  
    Let me know how Corel Draw 8 works!  
Steve Ahola

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