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Echoplex SN 4100

2/23/2000 7:59 PM
Echoplex SN 4100
Got a 1967 Echoplex in the shop, essentially identical the the unit whose schematic is on page 732 of the Tube Amp Bood v4.11 except is has an old "tv type" circuit breaker instead of the fuse. Unit came in tripping the breaker - after I replaced the shorted rectifier(s) (odd square jobbies) it worked. Played with the beast for an hour and really like the range of effects along with the sound (had only used a tranisistor Echoplex in the past). Anyhow, after doing a cap job the unit is still a bit noisey - mostly "hiss," and distorts a tad. Does anyone know how the bias circuitry is adjusted? Thanks  

SpeedRacer I have the setup instructions on my... -- 2/23/2000 10:19 PM