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Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture

2/21/2000 5:42 PM
Re: FREE Spice/schematic capture
I've downloaded the new version and still got 0V output from the triode.  
Then I double clicked the triode symbol, clicked on the "Select Model" button, and chose XN_ECC83 on the "Models" list, and it worked.  
By the way the included triode model does not take grid current in account.  
How can I add my own models to the library (or is it better to create a new library ? I've got a 12AX7 model that simulates grid current and the behaviour at low plate voltages. If you want to take a look it's on  

Randall Aiken You *have* to delete my triode and ... -- 2/22/2000 1:54 AM